"Indrani knows what it takes to make an icon.”

- Meghan Blalock, In Style

"Wielding her visionary work like a weapon, Indrani is using her art and resources for social justice and change." 

-Zee Chang, Soma

"Rad...feminist director and fashion photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhury... focuses on empowering under-privileged women and girls... Indrani is also responsible for photographing album covers for some of the most iconic musicians of our time."

- Julianne E. Shepherd, Editor-in-Chief Jezebel

"Wildly creative... Indrani changes the fate of forgotten girls... She is fighting to give girls a better future."

-Abigail Pesta, The Daily Beast

"Trailblazer and visionary: high-concept and hyper-realism commingle in the work of Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri."

- Kimberly Jones, The Austin Chronicle

"Themes include the aesthetics of desire, the symbiosis of artist & muse...  The pictures have a visceral chill."

- Troy Patterson, Slate


"Riveting, shocking and touching, Indrani's direction is brilliant and provocative."

- Scott Goodson, CEO StrawberryFrog, in Forbes

"Mary J. Blige attributes her success to many things, among them ... Indrani. They have had a long history of image-creating for the Grammy-winning artist."

-Liz Smith, Variety

"The mix of metaphysical / sociological meaning conveyed via a pop icon image designed to express strength in sexuality... is perfectly natural for master photographer Indrani." 

- Mary Thompson-Frenk, President of Memnosyne Institute, in Embrace

"Indrani's career is a fairytale that makes you dream."

Vanity Fair, Italy

"Indrani... showcases the symbiotic relationship between image and power...   [She] turns celebrities into living works of art."

- The Huffington Post

"Intimidating?  Perhaps at first.  But speaking to Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri is like chatting with the best friend you always wished you had, the gentle confidence in her voice inviting you into her enticing world." 

-Belinda Anidjar, DTK


"Indrani is one of the most collaborative directors you'll find.  But she brings a smart POV, wonderful aesthetic and adds value from pre-pro to post.  Amazing crew as well.  Plus, just a super-cool, super-nice person."

- Pete Vonderlinn, Executive Creative Director, Partner+Napier

"Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri creates magnificent images in an incredible atmosphere... [She] embodies talent and social conscience."

-Iman, in ICONS

"Indrani has the most unique gift... to bring my vision to life and each time it's simply beautiful."

- Mary J. BligeICONS

"Indrani is the best director I've ever worked with." 

-Matthew Postlethwaite on Instagram

"I have been lucky to work with many brilliant people through my career.  Some of them are very talented, a few of them have been extraordinarily inspiring, but I cannot think of anyone like Indrani.  Her vision and commitment to every project have always been above expectations.  Most of all, she is one of the easiest people to communicate with.  Innovative, courageous and kind.  I fully recommend Indrani as one of the very top directors and visual artist I have had the pleasure to work with.

-Victor Mijares, Warner Music

"Indrani has produced some of the most enduring, beautiful and iconic images of the celebrities of our time. With masterful lighting and imaginative sets and props... [she] manages to bring out something in these people that actually explains who they are...  We visually understand their passion, feel their soul, know what makes them tick...  Images that last a lifetime."

- Fern Mallis, Executive Director of the CFDA and Founder of New York Fashion Week, in ICONS

"Indrani's vast experience and unique sensibility makes her one of the most sought- after professional visual artists in the world...  Indrani moves through the world with diplomacy and grace and it's no surprise that celebrities the world over have trusted her with their images. She's a fine role model... balancing the glamour and gloss of her professional life with philanthropy."

- Paul Sunday, New York Film Academy Photography Co-Chair

"This profound respect for difference and this sensibility for people’s singularity... [in] Indrani's work in anthropology... influenced her in her impressive career, this attention to singularity and people’s plasticity."

-João Biehl, Professor of Anthropology and Co-Director of the Program in Global Health and Health Policy, Princeton University, in the Daily Princetonian, Feb 5, 2014

“Across Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri’s body of work, from film and photography to philanthropy and social activism, she uses art as a means of processing and reflecting upon questions of self and society, justice and hope, history and myth...  Indrani finds a singular thread and invites viewers to feel tugged and sometimes even lashed at by the thing that would have been invisible to most other eyes...  I love the resourcefulness at work in what Indrani does...  Not just because what she creates is beautiful, but because in operating as it does, her work urges a viewer to acknowledge that a question like whether to protect the oceans, is one that can be approached not just with the intellect or even with the moral conscience, but also by calling upon unusual capacities, like passion, attraction, grief, and a real urge to be carried away, lost, overtaken, transformed. These are natural human feelings that live most of the time corralled into just one region of the self, but when they are invited in, they make a social or political question one that can be explored with the totality of oneself."

- Tracy K. Smith, Poet Laureate of the United States and Chair of the Lewis Center for the Arts, at Princeton University Creative Arts and Humanities Symposium, October 2018


"Indrani Pal-Chaudhury is one of the most remarkable speakers I have ever heard...  It is hard to come by someone who holds so much integrity and purity after working years in an industry that can be toxic. Lots of her points struck out to me and made me think in a different way.  She is truly an inspiration to me as I consider myself a blank canvas, but with her input and experiences, I have been able to paint my ideas better.  I am truly grateful!" - HQ, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"Pal-Chaudhuri’s workshop powerfully modeled how...  individuals can reveal and upturn their own biases as well as counter-colonize the lens through which they see the world."  - Michael Harrington, Graduate Student, Humanities Council, Princeton University, NJ, 2021. Humanities Council presents "Changing Focus with Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri" and Organizing Stories

"I really appreciated and enjoyed Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri's talk... I learn the best when I can apply what we learn in class to real-life examples and situations, and Indrani allowed me to do exactly that. It really puts theory into practice and I found it very valuable and interesting.  Thank you so much for giving us that opportunity." - ME, Anthropology, Michigan State University, MI, 2022.

"[Indrani] makes the viewers reflect on questioning oneself and the society, justice, hope, history and myths. What’s really great about her is her ability to pick out aspects that allow for emotions to be brought up in the viewers... She is also one of the strongest influences when it comes to the LGBTQ+ rights, taking a stand for people of color and speaking out towards environmental sustainability... that influence the decisions that shape our society." - VT, Parsons, NY 2019.

"[She] has achieved so much in such little time, I’ve gained much in return... The biggest takeaway was her explanation of how there isn’t a need to have the most expensive and advanced equipment to execute projects because it’s the idea and vision... the reliance on self-resourcefulness is far more valuable... How important it is to understand the business aspect of your creative career because it is an issue that can throw creatives off track if they are unaware... These are all lessons I’ll practice and keep in mind in the future." - AT, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"Indrani Pal Chaudhuri was a very intriguing personality... She was very straightforward and humbly answered all of the questions that were put to her... It seemed that she wanted to give the students all that she could so that they could become better at their own artistic and entrepreneurial skills. One thing that really stuck with me was that when she was asked what was her greatest success, she replied that it was her ability to inspire. This means a lot to me because person who has achieved a lot is usually measuring their success by their material gains such as the amount of money that they have and the houses and cars that they have bought but this lady was more inspired by the young people she inspired into becoming more caring individuals who wanted to help the less fortunate around them." - K, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"I was so inspired by Indrani; she is someone who cares for the world around her almost more than for herself... Which started to make me think about what more I could have done through my own creative work that could also benefit others?... She also mentioned to always research and listen to the communities around you (or who you are designing for/with) and to grow through collaboration with trust. Indrani was an amazing guest." - SB, Parsons School of Design, 2019

"Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri has carved out a role between the glamorous world of fashion and social good. By leveraging celebrity for social justice (empowerment, environmental rights, LGBT rights, etc.) she wants to change the way people see things... Indrani was particularly interested in commodification and how in the age of social media we're all selling ourselves." - GP, Parsons School of Design, 2019.

"Thank you for...the event last night on anti-racism and social justice. I thought it was very insightful... and I really enjoyed it!" - Valentina Urrea, Political Science Pre-Law, Michigan State University, MI, 2022.

"I really enjoyed listening to Indrani... Not only was she humble about all of her incredible work, she spoke about it so passionately it made me feel so excited to get my career going. I loved how she encouraged us to take big risks... and that it can be scary...  got me thinking!... I loved hearing about her process... and i am so intrigued to hear more!" - ED, Photography, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"Foremost I thought Indrani was incredibly interesting... how selfless and determined she is. Moreover, I thought she was a good storyteller... She also was very patient and answered every question with a lot of details and gave advice as if we were her friends she was talking to." - TS, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"I realized just how much great advice we got from her... She seemed to be filled with so much knowledge and experience at quite a young age for a successful artist... She spoke a lot about fear, and how you cannot let fear overshadow what you want to do... Ms. Indrani was a very very interesting creative person... I felt that I was able to relate to her... a really really inspiring artist." - AT, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"I liked how Indrani told us all the opportunities have risks and we should not be afraid... We should find challenges and embrace them, and eventually, the difficulties will allow us to discover ourselves we have not known before. Students should not focus so much on getting an “A” but [on] finding who they are." - DK, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"Stories that Indrani shared were truly inspirational and were very motivating to me... After meeting with Indrani Pal Chadhury I took the time to look back at myself... I realized my weakness was that I fear taking the challenges and I fear of the negative result would come out... I was able to learn what to improve my weakness and challenged myself how I could take this weakness and change it into one of my strength. - JK, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"I really liked how she showed us her work and went into depth about the story behind what she was photographing and displaying, and the message she was trying to convey as an artist.

"I found her advice regarding creativity to be very helpful, and it was advice that stuck with me. I especially liked the values and messages that she portrayed through her art, and how she remained very mindful and respectful of any subjects or cultures... I think is very important in many industries beyond photography." - MK, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2021.

"I found Indrani’s comments on commodification interesting. How celebrities aren’t necessarily famous because of who they are but who they represent...transforming into these symbols... This is a real methodical, curated approach to industry... Is every celebrity or brand perhaps just a surrogate for our own seemingly unreachable goals or dreams?" - CK, Parsons School of Design, NY, 2019.

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