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An education and empowerment non-profit foundation providing frontline support, education and empowerment for children and women from the lowest income families in West Bengal, India. 

Morning Assembly with students and staff at Shakti Empowerment Education  (Executive Director Indrani, Headmistress Kirshna Pal-Chaudhuri and Chairman Ajay Pal-Chaudhuri back row in white)

Shakti Empowerment Education Foundation ( Foundation for Children and Women, Ramakrishna Vedanta Vidyapith, provides free quality female empowerment focused education, literacy and vocational training for 300 children and women annually in West Bengal, India. The Sanskrit word Shakti refers to the feminine creative energy of life and love.  Co-founded by Ajay and Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri over 25 years ago, Shakti foundation works in collaboration with the community, parents, teachers and volunteers, focusing on innovative interventions to address gaps in the education system and support students from the lowest income families. 

Shakti provides a comprehensive approach of education, sports, meals, clothing, a library and Ayurvedic clinic for students and mothers, as well as micro-financing for women's collectives.

Women's vocational training classes (with Indrani filming, Ajay in white, Krishna in yellow)

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